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Posted At: 9/29/2022
Help Support Ukraine in the Fight Against Russia
The world was shocked early this Thursday, when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation against Ukraine in what would ultimately become an all out assault on the freedom of a sovereign, democratic country. Against all odds, Ukraine has managed to exceed the expectations of military experts around the world and frustrate a Russian offensive that had otherwise been expected to be a quick and decisive victory. Not only has this been a tragedy on a world scale, but our community has been hit especially hard as one of our devs was born in Ukraine and still has relatives in the city of Kiev who have been unable to evacuate since fighting began. Earlier today - Ukraine's official Twitter account posted their crypto wallet addresses in a bid to raise more desperately needed funding for both military and humanitarian expenses. Countries from around the world have already pledged varying types of support for Ukraine and this is the perfect opportunity for our platform to do what we do best: get individuals and philanthropists who want to make a difference in the world involved in a truly worthy cause. All GRUMPYSHIB donated to this cause will be going directly to Ukraine's official wallet. Every little bit goes a long way and shows our unanimous resolve that Russia should not be able to get away with such a reckless assault on human life. Glory to those who fight for freedom and Glory to Ukraine!